Caltex Alexandra

Caltex Alexandra

Fuel Station in Johannesburg, Alexandra | 22 Total Page Views

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Street Address: Corner 10th Avenue and, London Road, Alexandra, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2090

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About Us


  • Fill up, Fresh up at FreshStop

FreshStop, South Africa’s leading convenience retail brand brings 24-hour shopping convenience to Caltex Forecourts. FreshStop is your one-stop for fresh fruit and veggies, last-minute grocery essentials or your everyday morning coffee. A stop at FreshStop will brighten up your journey. You can also grab hot foods like all-time favourite pies or the crispiest chicken burger and chips. The possibilities are endless when you choose to shop with FreshStop at Caltex. We are here to make South Africans’ lives so much easier, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Pay from Your Car 

    • Fast: No more waiting for transactions to be made at the till. 
    • Convenient: Customers can make fuel purchases  
    • Safe: No more paying by cash or leaving the vehicle to pay
    • Secure: It helps to prevent fraud, as the customer’s card is always is sight


  • The cleaning power of Techron®

From research to the real world. Not all fuels are the same. When you use ordinary fuel, deposits form in vital parts of your engine. Techron’s formulation is special because it contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits. This cleaning additive that is trusted by motorists, mechanics, and manufacturers around the world is in all grades of Caltex fuels. But Techron® was not discovered overnight – it is an innovative formulation that is the result of decades of rigorous research and development.


  • Revolutionary engine oil technology for longer-lasting engines

Whether you ride a motorcycle, drive a car, bus, truck, or something larger, a good engine oil can protect your vehicle’s engine from harmful deposits. As engines become more technologically advanced and complex, it is more important than ever to use an engine oil that is equally advanced. Caltex’s range of engine oils are designed with you in mind through continuous research and innovation, to help protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle. You can be confident that our Havoline® engine oils for cars and motorcycles and Delo® diesel oils for bus and trucks are the choice lubricants to make for the most enjoyable journey.