BP Fuel Rewards - Pick & Pay SmartShopper

PICK & PAY SmartShopper Rewards at BP Fuel stations

BP fuel rewards -Pick and Pay Smartshopper


You earn SmartShopper points back in fuel rewards

  • How to earn fuel rewards
    • Get a Smart Shopper Card from the cashier at your nearest Pick& Pay store
    • Register in-store, online or download and register on the PnP mobile app.
    • Earn points every time you swipe your Smart Shopper card at a BP service station.
  • At the fuel station:
    • You must present your SmartShopper card when paying for fuel at a participating BP fuel station and ask the attendant to swipe it.
    • You will receive a slip for each transaction which you can keep as proof.
    • In the unlikely event of a technical issue, you can contact the Pick n Pay Call Centre 080 011 2288 on and provide your relevant proof of purchase which includes fuel receipt, card number and the payment device receipt showing that the transaction failed due to technical reasons.
    • Pick and Pay store accounts cannot be used to purchase fuel at BP sites.
  • Rewards Calculations:
    • You are awarded 10 (ten)SmartShopper points for every 1 (one)litre of fuel you buy at a BP service station.
    • 10 (ten)points = R0.10c
    • A card may not be swiped more than 5 times a day and a maximum of 200 litres* per transaction and a total of 500 litres* per day.
    • Watch the press for special promotions e.g. double points on certain dates.
  • Spending Rewards:
    • Buy Fuel: Pay for your fuel purchase. If you have a minimum of R50.00* worth of Smart Shopper points on your card you can pay in full or part of the transaction. The maximum daily value of Smart Shopper points that may be redeemed in respect of the payment for fuel at participating BP Service Stations, points to the value of R3000 per day*.
    • Pick & Pay Express Shop: Smart Shopper points may be earned or redeemed at Pick n Pay Express stores located at BP service stations but not earned or redeemed at BP Express Stores.
    • At any Pick & Pay store: You can switch and spend your points by simply swiping it at the till. If you have more than R5 worth of Smart Shopper points on your card, you’ll be given the option of spending them on your purchase. Check your till slip afterwards for your new points balance.

*(reward values as per Pick & Pay SmartShopper Website - on 01 Sep2020)

Posted on Jun 01, 2021 by Panel Beater Directory

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