Sanlam Reality benefits from TotalEnergies Fuel Rewards

Discover the Fuel Rewards for Sanlam “Money Saver” credit card users

MoneySaver Sanlam

Sanlam Reality’s “Money Saver” credit card offer gives all their members up to 5% cashback every time they swipe their card at selected retailers. 

For Fuel spent rewards, the value proposition is linked to Total Fuel stations!

How to earn fuel rewards

At the Total fuel station

  • Fill up at Total Energies
  • Swipe the Sanlam money-saver card, it’s a MasterCard credit card.
  • Pay for fuel on forecourt = Please note that no cash back for fuel purchases made inside the convenience store

Rewards Calculations

  • Earn R1.00 * per liter cashback.

Spending Rewards

  • Calculated cashback rewards are added to the Wealth Bonus.
  • Sanlam pays out the accumulated savings as a Cash-back Bonus, quarterly or annually.

 * Reward values as per Total and Sanlam Reality websites 

Reward programmes - Saa Voyager | TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa  (PTY) Ltd


Posted on Jul 13, 2023 by Fuel Directory

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