Accelerate your rewards with Caltex and Standard Bank UCount

Collect rewards points on every litre of fuel you purchase at Caltex

How to earn fuel rewards

To qualify for up to R10* back in Rewards Points per litre of fuel and oil, you need to use your qualifying Standard Bank Credit, Cheque or Debit card to pay for:

  • 100% fuel spent at participating Astron Energy and/or Caltex per Fixed Cycle (Zero fuel spent at competitors)
  • Be a rewards member and purchase a minimum of R500 or more at Makro as per Fixed Cycle. using your qualifying Standard Bank Credit, Cheque or Debit card. (An active mRewards member is a customer who registered for mRewards and is shopping at Makro).
  • Have a transactional current account and 2 other Standard Bank products in different categories.
  • Fuel paid for with your personal garage card, and corporate or fleet cards is excluded from earning Fuel Rewards Points.
  • All purchases, including fuel purchases made in Caltex and Astron Energy convenience stores, are excluded from earning Fuel Rewards Points.

Caltex Standard Bank UCount

At the fuel station

  • When paying for your fuel, give your UCount card to the Caltex fuel attendant and ask him/her to swipe it.
  • You must pay for your Caltex fuel at the Caltex forecourt. You won't earn Rewards if you pay at the Convenience store at the station.

Rewards Calculations

  • Your fuel rewards are calculated according to the type of card (Debit or Credit) you use as well as the qualified Tier level (there are 5). See the UCount website for details and other T&Cs.
  • Fuel paid for with your personal garage card, and corporate or fleet cards are excluded from collecting fuel rewards points.
  • To qualify for Tier Level 5 you will need to have 875 or more Tiering Points AND spend a minimum of R 20 000 per fixed cycle on your Standard Bank Credit card.

Spending Rewards

  • Activate your UCount Rewards Card before redeeming your rewards points.
  • Do this online or call the UCount Rewards contact centre at 0860 82 68 68.
  • See the U-Count website for a complete list of where Rewards Points can be redeemed.
  • Fuel: You can redeem your rewards points for fuel only with your activated UCount Simply swipe your activated UCount Card and enter your PIN. If you do not have enough rewards points to pay for your fuel purchase in full, you can use your Standard Bank Credit, Cheque, or Debit Card to pay the difference.
  • Your Rewards Points cannot be refunded into your UCount Rewards Card once your payment for fuel purchases has been processed. Caltex refund policy will apply.
  • The FreshStop at Caltex or Altron Energy is a Rewards Retailer on the UCount Rewards program where you can also redeem your Rewards Points for purchases.

 *(Reward values as per Standard Bank UCount website )

Standard Bank UCount and Caltex

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