Enjoy your Sasol and ABSA Bank Fuel Rewards

Earn cashback every time you swipe your ABSA card for fuel at Sasol.

Earn up to 30% real cash back, depending on your Rewards Tier every time you fill up or make purchases at Sasol!

How to earn fuel rewards

  • Get ABSA Cash Fuel Rewards every time you use your ABSA Bank personal Credit, Cheque, or Debit Card to buy fuel at a participating Sasol fuel station.

  • You will also increase your earning rate just by using your credit card.

  • ABSA fuel rewards are determined by 1 to 5 Tier Levels and the type of card (Debit or credit) used.

  • This excludes bill payments, pre-paid airtime, and electricity and lotto purchases.

  • You will only earn cash rewards on the first R3,000 that you spend at Sasol per accrual period.

  • You will earn a flat rate of 0.15% cashback on fuel spent at non-Sasol fuel stations

Sasol ABSA

At the fuel station

Pay for your fuel with your ABSA personal Credit, Cheque, or Debit card.

Rewards Calculations:

Your fuel rewards are calculated according to the type of card (Debit or Credit) you use as well as the qualified Tier level (there are 5).

Earn from 0.50% (Tier1 debit card) to 20.00% (Tier 5 credit card)


Score range

Earn rate: Debit Card

Earn rate: Credit Card


0 – 479




480 – 579




580 – 679




680 – 779







Note that cashback will be earned when you fill up or shop at Sasol over the R3000 spend limit per accrual period.

See the ABSA Rewards website for detail and other T&Cs.

Spending Rewards

  • Your Cash Rewards are paid into your Absa Rewards account to redeem and spend whenever you wish

  • Register for Absa Online banking or download our mobile app to redeem and keep track of your Cash Rewards.

  • Need more help?  Let one of ABSA's consultants help you.  Call them on 0861 78 88 88

     *(Reward values as per ABSA Rewards website )

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