Earn rewards with Engen and FNB eBucks

A powerful partnership for fuel benefits and opportunities.

Engen offers FNB customers the option of using their eBucks to pay for fuel at participating Engen service stations. Earn at least R0.10 to a maximum of  R4.00/litre* back in eBucks on your fuel-spent at Engen!

FNB eBucks

How to earn fuel rewards with eBucks

  • As an FNB and/or RMB Private Bank customer, your qualifying Debit- or Credit cards, will automatically be added to earn eBucks. 
  • You can earn monthly R0.10/litre up to R4.00/litre* back in eBucks for fuel purchases, depending on your reward level. (e.g. Earn up to R150 back in eBucks every month when you swipe your qualifying FNB Aspire (Gold) card at Engen. That's up to 60c per litre back in eBucks every time you fill up.)
  • Double up your eBucks and Engen Rewards up to R8/litre* quarterly
  • Earn up to R8/litre back in eBucks per quarter for fuel spent with your qualifying FNB Premier, FNB Private Clients, FNB Private Wealth and/or RMB Private Bank card – depending on your reward level.
  • Earn up to R1.20/litre back in eBucks per quarter for fuel spent with your qualifying FNB Aspire (Gold) card. Remember, as an FNB Aspire, Customer, you don't need to move up reward levels!
  • Find the qualifying requirements for Monthly Reward levels and Quarterly Rewards on the eBucks website.

At the fuel station

  • When paying for your fuel, give your eBucks card to the Engen petrol attendant and ask him/her to swipe it.
  • You must pay for your Engen fuel at the Engen forecourt. You won't earn eBucks if you pay at the Quick Shop at the Engen fuel station!
  • You will receive a slip for each transaction which you can keep as proof.
  • FNB on the Go: A road trip would not be the same without a Wimpy breakfast along the way. Qualifying clients get breakfast or burger vouchers from Wimpy at participating Engen 1Stops to make your travels even better. If you are on eBucks level 2 and above, you can redeem your voucher on the FNB App and the voucher will automatically renew every three months.

Rewards Calculations

  • Your fuel rewards are calculated according to your reward level, and the type of banking services you use.
  • Earn up to R4/litre*monthly, back in eBucks, for your fuel spends at Engen only, based on the price of Inland ULP 95. No earn will be awarded on fuel purchases at any other fuel retailers.
  • Qualify and double your eBucks and Engen Rewards up to R8/litre* quarterly.
  • Monthly spending limits apply. See the eBucks website for detail and other T&Cs.

Spending Rewards

  • You can use your eBucks earned to pay for fuel purchases at Engen or any in-store or online.
  • Present your eBucks card when you pay and enter your 4-digit eBucks PIN when asked. Your eBucks card works just like a debit card.
  • If you don't have enough eBucks to pay for your purchase in full, you can pay the difference using your FNB or RMB Private Bank card

How to check your eBucks balance before spending your eBucks 

  • Engen App: login to our app and click on the eBucks icon on the Home screen
  • FNB's electronic channels: Register for and log onto Online Banking or FNB Cellphone Banking
  • Online: log in to the eBucks website.
  • Call us on 087 320 3200.
  • SMS the word 'balance' and your ID number to 32224. Each SMS costs R1.

     *(Reward values as per FNB eBucks Website - check there for updates)


Posted on Jul 13, 2023 by Fuel Directory

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