Fuel pricing, Information, and Location at your fingertips!


Across South Africa:


Motorists are confronted on a daily basis, with the highest fuel prices in history! Every cent counts. The Fuel Directory enables drivers to instantly compare these factors to ensure the most cost-effective decision whilst keeping an eye on the convenience store offering at every location.


The Petrol price is highly regulated in Southern Africa with monthly changes (the first Wednesday), as a result mainly due to factors such as the volatility of the Rand exchange rate, International oil prices, the Covid 19 impact on business activities. 


The Diesel price is regulated on a wholesale level only. Therefore, Fuel stations compete on factors such as price, quality, and location!


The country is divided into coastal and inland areas(zones) to compensate for distribution cost differentiation. The Fuel Directory provides information that enables the motorist to instantly identify the time and distance to cheapest and/or brand-specific fuel.


The Fuel Directory

Empower motorists to save time and money:

  • Info on Price, and Availability of petrol and diesel at every location, nationwide.
  • Coffee & Fast Food en-route location on all national brands.
  • Forecourt Convenience store location with detail on products- and special offers.
  • Fuel Rewards – detail as linked to every fuel brand.
  • Navigation and Contact information.
  • Instant links to Roadside Emergency support-, Towing-, Panelbeaters- & Auto Repair Services


Posted on Jun 01, 2021 by Panel Beater Directory

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