Total Fuel Rewards through Sanlam Reality

Sanlam Reality Credit Card Sanlam Reality

Sanlam Reality’s “Money Saver” credit card offer gives all their members up to 5% cashback every time they swipe their card at selected retailers. 

 width= For Fuel spent rewards, the value proposition is linked to Total Fuel stations!

How to earn fuel rewards

  • At the Total fuel station:

    • Fill up at Total.
    • Swipe the Sanlam money saver card, it’s a MasterCard credit card.
    • Pay for fuel on forecourt = No cash back for fuel purchases made inside the convenience store
  • Rewards Calculations:

    • Earn R1.00 * per liter cashback.
  • Spending Rewards:

    • Calculated cashback rewards are added to the Wealth Bonus.
    • Sanlam pays out the accumulated savings as a Cash-back Bonus, quarterly or annually.

 * Reward values as per Total and Sanlam Reality websites 

Posted on Mar 22, 2022 by Panel Beater Directory

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