Sasol Fuel Rewards and ABSA Bank Fuel Rewards


Sasol Fuel Rewards- ABSA Bank

Earn up to 30% cashback every time you fill up or make purchases at Sasol.

  • How to earn fuel rewards
    • Get ABSA Cash Fuel Rewards every time you use your ABSA Bank personal Credit, Cheque, or Debit Card to buy fuel at a participating Sasol fuel station.
    • You will also increase your earning rate just by using your credit card.
    • ABSA fuel rewards are determined by 1 to 5 Tier Levels and the type of card (Debit or credit) used.
    • This excludes bill payments, pre-paid airtime, and electricity and lotto purchases.
    • You will earn a flat rate of 0.15% cashback on fuel spent at non-Sasol fuel stations
  • At the fuel station:
    • Pay for your fuel with your ABSA personal Credit, Cheque, or Debit card.
  • Rewards Calculations:
    • Your fuel rewards are calculated according to the type of card (Debit or Credit) you use as well as the qualified Tier level (there are 5).
    • Earn from 0.50% (Tier1 debit card) to 30.00% (Tier 5 credit card)
    • No cashback will be earned when you fill up or shop at Sasol over the R3000 spend limit per accrual period.
    • See the ABSA Rewards website for detail and other T&C’s
  • Spending Rewards:
    • Your Cash Rewards are paid into your Absa Rewards account to redeem and spend whenever you wish
    • Register for Absa Online banking or download our mobile app to redeem and keep track of your Cash Rewards.

     *(Reward values as per ABSA Rewards website on 22Mar 2022)

Posted on Mar 22, 2022 by Panel Beater Directory

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